Surface water

The main uses of surface water include drinking-water and irrigation. As such, surface water is vitally important to our everyday life. On the other hand, surface water poses a major threat to humankind because floods often strike with little warning. Numerical models are well suited for both the good and for the bad. First, optimum scenarios of sustainable use of surface water can be designed. Second, correction measures and early alarm systems for mitigating the negative effects of flood can be calculated with accuracy. In short, numerical modelling is an all-in-one tool for the correct and safe management of water resources.

Dr. Andrés Alcolea has cooperated in the design of flood protection measures and hazard maps for the city of Zürich (Switzerland), and in the modelling of the sustainable use of water resources of numerous regions in Europe and Africa. Such expertice is now placed at your service. HydroGeoModels Inc. offers services including, but not limited to:

Reference projects


  • 1D, 2D and 3D discharge inverse modelling
  • Sediment and debris transport
  • 3D morphological modelling and bathimetries of water bodies
  • River and lake revitalization and related impacts on aquifers
  • Sustainable management of water resources


  • Dam break modelling
  • Flood modelling and design of correction measures
  • Flood and heavy rain driven hazard maps
  • Real time modelling and early alarm systems
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