Software development

Smart solutions need smart tools. Almost every project requires specific functionalities not implemented in existing software. Sometimes, the complexity of the project demands even the design of a completely new software specific to the project needs.

The combination of scientific knowledge with proficient programming skills in different languages (Fortran, C++, Matlab, Perl, Python, etc.) allows HydroGeoModels Inc. to create all-in-one exclusive and innovative (but robustly verified) software tailored to the client needs. HydroGeoModels Inc. offers services including, but not limited to:

Reference projects

Tailored software

  • Geostatistical data analysis
  • Real time modelling and forecasting
  • Real time interpretation of hydraulic and tracer tests


  • Coupled modelling of physical processes
  • Optimum management of georeferenced databases
  • Optimum management and control of geothermal projects
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