Geotechnical engineering

Geotechnical engineering deals with shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, materials for waste confinement, etc. The involved calculations take into account both field and laboratory investigations to determine the properties of the involved materials. Testing materials on-site is difficult, even hardly possible. Testing them under laboratory controlled conditions is often costly. Instead, numerical models are ideal to select the materials that lead to an optimum design.

During the last twenty years, HydroGeoModels Inc. has cooperated in the design of the radioactive waste confinement in Switzerland, on topics like hydromechanical modelling, the characterization of the confining materials and the interpretation of laboratory experiments. HydroGeoModels Inc. offers services including, but not limited to:

Reference projects

Characterization and conceptual modelling

  • Petrophysical well-log interpretation and inference of hydrogeomechanical properties
  • Design of optimum well completion, pumping and monitoring systems
  • Analysis of sedimentological sequences

Numerical modelling

  • 3D thermohydromechanical modelling of the Excavation/Drilling Damage Zone around tunnels and boreholes
  • Integrated analysis of micro-, macro- and mesocales for the definition of hydrogeomechanical properties
  • 3D modelling of the stimulation of deep geothermal reservoirs
  • 3D modelling of discrete fracture networks
  • Seismic hazard analysis
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